Best Places To Go In Jacksonville

The City Of Beaches And Breeze

A perfect vacation is usually planned because this is the type of activity that everyone is looking for however difficult to find. The crystalline beaches, the incredibly comfortable hotels, and lovely restaurants are three of the most spectacular features to spend a season away from the stress of work and children also have their entertainment. There is a place where all these traits come together. Nothing better to spend the holidays than these elements together to which we should add the trilogy of this era: beach, breeze, and sea and it is not difficult to find them. In Jacksonville, they are gathered in one place.

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Nature, antiquity, and modernism

Most spectacular nature

There is no better place to spend a vacation than this famous city of Florida. Jacksonville is a city-county located in the heart of Florida that has been popular to be one of the best destinations to travel. Jacksonville shows every one of the features that stand out in the new residential areas of Florida. Luxury, comfort, complementary activities – a destination composed of more than a thousand kilometers of coastline where you can enjoy all the comforts of a luxury hotel. It is worth noting a perfect symbiosis between the enormous residential area and the most spectacular nature that tourists like so much. Parks and trails are typical in an area where you can enjoy nature in its purest form. Not forgetting the many sporting events, since Jacksonville is one of the most popular sports destinations in the entire Florida area.

Great shops and restaurants

Of course, do not forget that you can have a large number of shops and restaurants where you can thoroughly enjoy your purchases. The nightlife is not bad either, and that is that Jacksonville is a place where you can enjoy all kinds of events and shows. Without forgetting a vast variety of cultural plans in which museums, galleries, and exhibitions are the real scores. Put in one sentence: Jacksonville is the place where you can find everything you wished.

You can find skyscrapers and majestic buildings in the center of Jacksonville, Riverside shops, museums, hotels and restaurants to please all tastes, with typical and unique foods, with places where beer is prepared directly, and you can see its process, and other news. But the most striking part for tourists is undoubtedly the sea and its beaches, on the Atlantic Ocean. In this sense it is possible to visit the natural beauty of the Big Talbot and Little Talbot Islands, which are state parks; the traditional fishing community of Mayport; the giant aircraft carriers of the Mayport Naval Station and the four coastal communities of Seminole Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach.

Historic Places

In the historic St. Augustine In Jacksonville, you will also find the oldest European colony in North America. It is known as the historic San Agustín and its legends date back to 1565 and those who arrive in Jacksonville cannot leave aside the traditional visit to this area. Thus, in a carriage pulled by horses, you can tour this ancient place. And to the rhythm of the horseshoes of these spirited animals, with their slow and slow pace, admire from the Castle of San Marcos to the luxurious Victorian-era resort built by Henry Flager of Standard Oil or the seaport, passing through the fountain of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park.

The Society of History of San Agustín acquired the oldest House in 1918, after archaeological studies, restoration and renovation, the house is now a building that tells the story of San Agustín through 400 years. And there is much more to visit throughout Jacksonville. Museums, zoos, theaters, parks, sports venues and lots of beaches.

Establishments in Jacksonville

There are also restaurants of tradition, talent and a mixture of cultures that suit all tastes. From the southern fried chicken and biscuit with sauce to fresh fish or sushi or a barbecue. Other establishments like clinics is also a must-have in Jacksonville. Going to a chiropractor baymeadows jacksonville fl to have an annual check-up of your spine before setting up to enjoy the beach, exercise and explore the shoreline.  Visiting a chiropractor after car accident settlement has been a good move to know more of impacts that your body has experience. Additionally,  after a long journey around the city and you have back pain and neck pain, then going to chiropractor southside is also suggested.

As a state divided by the calm waters of the St Johns River, it is considered as the center of the number one coast of Florida. There are 840 square miles of sun, fun, beach, sand and water sports. Their winters are light and warm and their sunny summers. In general, the climate is ideal for sports and work activities whether outdoors or indoors. Moreover, having a hundred of hotel rooms to choose, Jacksonville and its beaches offer a variety places to stay.

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